Ooooh, I'm so excited! We just finished a total makeover (it included a really fun demo day, don't you worry) of our Candy of the Month Club and now, it is my pleasure, to introduce you to QUIN's fancy new CANDY CLUB!

All the cool club info you could ever want is available here. And, if you follow us on the Instagram, you probably know by now that if you're one of the first three followers to sign up for the 12-month membership, we're going to send you a super cute Pacific Tote Co. tote - all fresh and adorable and adorned with QUIN flair. All you have to do to win is be one of the first three people to purchase (or give) a 12-month membership. Nothing else! No posts to tag or complicated anything. 

I know you're probably really curious as to what most excites me about the club, right? Okay, well, I am really looking forward to sending out special book-related stuff in February. I think December is looking pretty wonderful (if you like to decorate holiday cookies), and October is like a dream come true - especially if your dreams involve apples. Wait, October comes before December, so please switch those last two sentences around. Thank you.



Sift Magazine & Blackberry Coconut Bars with Hazelnut Crumble

A few months ago, a very talented crew of super dynamic women popped by my house for a few hours of baking in my home kitchen. I love working at home, even if my kitchen is equipped with an old electric stove and even if it's completely lacking any ventilation - home is where I come up with my best ideas and feel most comfortable. Home is also where my pencil collection lives, and where I keep the best chocolate - so being at home has quite a few perks. 

Anyways, these women all work for King Arthur Flour and help produce the most stellar magazine called Sift. If you haven't seen it, you must. It's basically the magazine of my dreams - great stories (with writing to match), crazy beautiful photographs, and one recipe after another just begging to be made. At it's core, it's a magazine produced by people who clearly love ingredients and (without a doubt) love to bake.

When the Sift people came to my house, we chatted, we baked, we looked at books, we cracked up over how awkward I am in any "headshot" type of situation (not a joke. I am so terrible at headshots because I just don't want to look into the camera and smile all weird. I just cannot do it. Want proof? I wrote a cookbook, doing all the work required to "do" a cookbook, and when it came down to the author photo? That was the single thing that caused me the most stress. And, actually, stress is really too light of a phrase to cover it - the headshot shoot terrified me. To remedy that situation? I made a ton of cotton candy, fashioned it into a wig, then wore the wig in the photos. Magically it worked and I've never looked more beautiful, even if my hair is hidden under several feet of sugar).


The Fall issue of Sift is on newsstands now - pick up a copy, take a peek into my home kitchen, and snag a recipe for Blackberry Coconut Bars with Hazelnut Crumble - the filling for these bars is inspired by QUIN's blackberry lollipops - the fruit is prepared for the crumble the same way it's prepared for lollipops. Sounds like magic, and it is!


QUIN in the news

Here at QUIN we're always super excited when people want to know more about our candy, our processes, or our crazy-for-candy founder, Jami.

Here's a little walk down press coverage memory lane for you:


Sift Magazine, Fall 2016

Sift is a beautiful magazine produced by the same people responsible for the brilliance that is King Arthur Flour. 

The Sift crew visited me at home and I showed them how to make a blackberry coconut crumble bar - using the same roasted fruit purée we use in some of our candy!

Traditional Home, Spring 2016

The fine folks from Traditional Home came to town and really did some exploring - they love all the same places we do, and were nice enough to talk about QUIN in their spring issue. 

Better Homes and Gardens, February 2016

Sweet little mention of our lollipops in everyone's favorite Homes and Gardens mag.

Food & Wine

You can imagine how happy we are to be named one of Food & Wine's best new candies of 2015!

O, The Oprah Magazine, Favorite Things 2015

When the queen called, we answered - then magicked up a recipe for Chai Popcorn balls for inclusion in her (crazy amazing) Favorite Things issue. 

Fast Company, 2015

QUIN founder, Jami Curl, named one of the most creative people in food!

Fast Company, 2014

QUIN founder, Jami Curl, named 71st most creative person in business!