Oh my lord, I have had so much sugar. We're still working to get our candy for Feast's Night Market just right - and about an hour ago I was eating candy that was dipped in even more sugar and I thought to myself, "someone should stop me." But no one ever does.

And just before that, KATU was in the factory checking things out and taping a story about the candy we created in celebration of Feast's fifth birthday - Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy. The KATU people know way more about the world than I do and introduced me to Facebook Live - something I didn't even know existed as I haven't used Facebook since the Great Facebook Study of 2000-whenever when I realized how much time I was spending Facebooking so quit cold turkey then magically gained a million hours of my life back (THAT'S RIGHT!) 

Anyway, KATU Facebook Live'd the whole visit - so, check it out. Please do not pay any attention to my hair. It is so long and unruly and sometimes I use a rubber band to hold it back and I forget to look at what it actually looks like. In this case, it looks terrible. Oh, also, hope you like Ohio accents. ps: isn't Wesleigh Ogle from KATU the best? She is.