Last Minute? But it's only the 8th!

I sure hope you're not freaking out. Christmas is supposed to be fun and joyful and relaxed and happy. Right? RIGHT? RIGHT! 

Here at QUIN we're humming along, making Christmas candy while also making our plans for Easter (for real. I'm sorry, but it's true). And while we're working away, the rest of the world is sending out constant reminders about deadlines and order-by dates and it's all very "LAST MINUTE" oriented. And I'm sorry. Because that's no way to enjoy this season of love and hot chocolate and stocking stuffers and glitter. 

That said, Refinery 29 thinks our Candy is Magic box will make an excellent last minute gift, and while I personally think it makes a great super early, right on time, and a little bit late gift - I can hardly argue. Basically anytime is a great time for magic, and if that magic is related to candy, then EVEN BETTER.

And now, for a reminder: LAST DAY OR ORDER QUIN FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY IS DECEMBER 17. After that day we can talk express shipping, for sure. (So don't truly panic...yet.)