It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

We've been living with our new holiday packaging for months - and we are SO EXCITED to finally be able to share it with you! And while the packaging sure is cute, it's what's inside that really gets us going:

Marshmallow Caramels!
They're caramels that taste like marshmallow! 
With three flavors in every box (plain marshmallow, chocolate marshmallow, and coconut marshmallow) - these sweet treats are crazy good and super festive.


Favorite Fruit Lollipops!
It's a Christmas Miracle! For the first time ever, we're combining our best-selling fruit lollipop flavors all in one box.


And inside BOTH packages with the stellar candy?

We are totally totally completely IN LOVE with our new holiday activity sheet!

We are totally totally completely IN LOVE with our new holiday activity sheet!

Is it too early to start shopping? We are definitely in the maybe/maybe not camp on that one. 

Yes, Okay! Rosé!

We love how much you love our rosé lollipops. In fact, you love them so much that every time we try to remove them from our line up of available candies we can never really go through with it because we know how upset you'll be. Is rosé here to stay? Probably you guys, probably.

Refinery29 just wrote a little love letter to the magic that is the QUIN rosé lollipop. Check it out by clicking on the image below.


The Tasty Awards

Candy is Magic - our book - is nominated for a Tasty Award!

What an incredible group of fellow nominees. We've still got a little blush to our cheeks.

The good news is this: if you'd like you can go vote in the cookbook category (and so many others) for all your favorites - just click here.

Little Nib!

Super exciting! Another really fun place to find QUIN in Portland - Eb and Bean (yes the great fro-yo place) has opened a little chocolate and confections shop inside their SE Division shop. Little Nib! Locally made chocolates and candy - plus frozen delights. SIGN US UP.

Oh, wait. We ARE signed up. You can get QUIN there!

Here's a little story from Portland Monthly:

(yes, click on the photo)

Cooking from Candy is Magic via Taste

Okay, I'll admit it. When I wrote Candy is Magic I had NO IDEA vanilla bean powder would skyrocket in price making it the world's most ridiculous ingredient. Vanilla (all forms) is crazy expensive right now. It's true. I'm sorry. Our experts tell us prices are supposed to start coming down. PLEASE.


THAT SAID! Read this super great piece from Taste - cooking three recipes from the book and singing the praises of Chocolate Magic Dust forever!


Thank you, Portland Monthly!

The June issue of the award winning magazine is totally gorgeous and not simply because you can find some stellar shots of our candy inside. We're honored to be featured in the same issue as Portland's beloved Forest Park, and we're even more honored that Kelly Clarke from PoMo seems to get our founder, Jami Curl (that's me!), down just right. 

Locals, pick up the issue today! Folks in far away places, read the story online: